Below you find a selection of publications which were produced in the context of EIPEN projects or by board members of EIPEN. Some of the books can be ordered through EIPEN at reduced rate for members. You can also download some of the documents. Finally we offer members the opportunity to disseminate their publications by including them in the list below. You can signal us any documents or publications or importance.


Book Vyt 2009

Book Vyt 2009

Exploring quality assurance in interprofessional education (Vyt, 2009). 
Only 10€ for EIPEN Members (instead of 16,90€), 20€ for 3 copies, 30€ for 5 copies. 
This book contributes to the development of Interprofessional Education (IPE) in health and social care programmes in higher education institutions where IPE is not yet deployed, and in institutions where IPE is present but where it is not underpinned by mechanisms of quality assurance (QA). It depicts relevant policy issues and QA mechanisms, but also existing initiatives, tools and resources. It points out possible pitfalls and informs the reader about directions to be taken for effective quality assurance in IPE. Non-members can order the book for 20,00€ incl. handling and postage. 

Book Gibbs 2015

Book Gibbs 2015

Transdisciplinary professional learning and practice (Gibbs, Ed., 2015). 
This book presents thinking about and through transdisciplinary and professional development as an educative process. It brings together the constituting views of transdisciplinarity, and focus them on current professional practice.​ The first part deals with key issues in transdisciplinarity and how it creates knowledge. Part two is directly focused on professionals and their education. The third section considers research pedagogy and graduate education for the professional. This is followed in section 4 which offers a discussion on teamwork. In the final section six chapters present the transdisciplinary practitioner in different contexts. The book is published by Springer.
Book Vyt ea 2015

Book Vyt ea 2015

Interprofessional education in Europe: Policy and practice (Vyt, Pahor & Tervaskanto-Maentausta, 2015)
This book is written by scholars from various European countries, all members of EIPEN. The volume contains two chapters on policy issues (with rich information about the diversity of collaborative competences) and six chapters with examples of programme reforms or successful interprofessional courses in health and social care. It ends with a chapter on interprofessional clinical practice placements or internships. The examples of good practice show elements which have to be taken into account when developing and implementing interprofessional courses, course units, or study programmes. It may contribute to the development of IPE in higher education institutions where IPE is not yet deployed, but also in institutions where IPE is present but not fully developed.
EIPEN members receive a free copy of this volume and can order additional copies at 10€ per piece (instead of 16,90€), or 20€ for 3 copies, or 30€ for 5 copies, or 50€ for 10 copies. Non-members can order the book for 20,00€ incl. handling and postage.

Publications from members

  • Tervaskanto-Mäentausta T, Taanila A, Ukkola O, Mikkilä L, Jokinen J, Varkki E (2017). Collaborative diabetes training in outpatient primary care. Journal of Continuing Medical Education, in press.
  • Piers R, Versluys K, Devoghel J, Lambrecht S, Vyt A, & Van Den Noortgate N, (2017, in press). A typology of interprofessional teamwork in acute geriatric care: A study in 55 units in Belgium. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, in press.
  • Vyt A (2017). Development and validation of a questionnaire to self-assess the quality of interprofessional team meetings in primary and community healthcare. Journal of Interprofessional Care 31, 140-146. link
  • Vyt A (2017, in press). The Interprofessional Practice and Education Quality Scales (IPEQS). Antwerp/Apeldoorn: Garant Publishers.

  • Van den Bulcke B, Vyt A, Vanheule S, Hoste E, Decruyenaere J, & Benoit D (2016). The perceived quality of interprofessional teamwork in an intensive care unit: A single centre intervention study. Journal of Interprofessional Care 30, 301-8. link

  • Piers R, Van Den Noortgate N, & Vyt A (2015). Collaboration between professionals as a necessary condition for palliative care. In L Van den Block, G Albers, S Pereira, B Onwuteaka-Philipsen, R Pasman & L Deliens (Eds.), Palliative care for older people: A public health perspective (pp. 226-235). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Vyt A (2015). Interprofessional education and collaborative practice in health and social care: The need for transdisciplinary mindsets, instruments and mechanisms. In P Gibbs (Ed.), A transdisciplinarity study of higher education and professional identity (pp.69-88). Heidelberg/Zug: Springer Publishers.
  • Vyt A, Pahor M, & Tervaskanto-Maentausta T (Eds.) (2015). Interprofessional education in Europe: Policy and practice. Antwerp/Apeldoorn: Garant-publishers.

Before 2015:
  • Vyt A (2008). Interprofessional and transdisciplinary teamwork in health care. Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews 24, S106-S109. link
  • Vyt A (2009). Exploring quality assurance for interprofessional education in health and social care. Antwerp/Apeldoorn: Garant Publishers. 121 pages.