EIPEN 2019 Conference in Antwerp (Belgium) 4-6 September 

If you attended our previous conferences (Oulu 2009, Ghent 2011, Ljubljana 2013, Nijmegen 2015, Lausanne 2017) you probably will attend our next meeting. If you don't know our conferences, please take a look at the documents of the previous conference below. 20% of the attendants come from outside Europe. We combine scientific criteria for presentations and workshops with an amiable atmosphere and social activities for networking. You can save money by registering early. EIPEN members also have the opportunity to pre-register at very low rate. 

Registration is easy: simply send a message to the EIPEN secretariat. Provide your name, institution, and address. Mention "I want to register for the EIPEN 2019 Conference at the rate of xx€". You will then receive an invoice. Please note that pre-registrations and early-bird registrations ar non-refundable but we allow that another person of the same institution/organization takes your place. Normal registrations are 50% refundable if cancelled before June 20th. Late registrations again are non-refundable.
  • Pre-registration opportunity for members before December 10th: 320€ (members only)
  • Early-bird registration before March 10th: 380€ for members and 460€ for non-members.
  • Normal registration before May 10th: 459,80€ for members and 544,50€ for non-members.
  • Late registration before June 10th: 496,10€ for members and 580,80€ for non-members.
  • Last-minute registrations after June 10th: 556,60€ for members and 617,10€ for non-members.
The registration fee includes: access to all conference events, a welcome package, the welcome walking cocktail dinner on the first day, catering and lunches on the second and third day, and evening dinner on the second evening.

The call for submissions of proposals for presentations is launched in December 2018. Deadline for submission of abstracts will be in March.

Capacity building seminar 7-8 May 2018, Ghent 

This seminar, organized in collaboration with COHEHRE, was for persons who want to develop, implement, assess and improve an interprofessional course unit or learning trajectory. More than 20 persons participated. EIPEN members benefit rom reduced registration fee. See our newsletter in the Documents section. This seminar will be organized again as a satellite event of the 2019 Conference. You can contact us if you are interested.


CBS info leaflet

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Events from member organizations and partners

​The International Conference – «Countering Staff Shortage Among Health Professions – Together for a Healthy Health Care System», is organized on the 25th and 26th of October, 2018 in Bern. See the link here.
The Health Workforce Education & Research Network holds its next European conference on 9-10 January, Dublin, Ireland. See the link here.

The past conference 2017 in Lausanne

From registration to the closing session, from keynote to posters, from coffee breaks to the dinner on a wonderful boat trip: it was like Swiss clockwork. Participants enjoyed the open atmosphere, the quality of the presentations, the tastiness of the food, the collaboration and discussions in workshops.
The best poster award went to a study on The interactional structure of interprofessional meetings: Processes of information exchange, knowledge sharing and decision-making, presented at the conference by Camille Bécherraz & David Pichonnaz (with principal investigator Liliana Staffoni on the left). The award was given by Corinne Borloz as chair of the Scientific advisory committee, and was elected by voting of the conference participants.



Quicksheet: Welcome and practical info

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Quicksheet: Programme

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Programme book part 1

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Programme book part 2: abstracts and participants

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The conference was hosted by La Source Institut et Haute Ecole de la Santé, and supported by HES-SO (Haute Ecole Suisse Spécialiseé de la Suisse Occidentale) and GEPI (Groupe Interinstitutionnel d'Education et de Pratique Interprofessionnelles).​